Furnace Auburn

Furnace Auburn


When it is freezing outside, people need cozy homes and workplaces to get through the winter months comfortably. Having your interiors turned into an icebox because of an ill-maintained heating system is the surest way of incurring the wrath of your family or employees!

You will thankfully never have to experience this, with 2 Sons Plumbing around to provide seasonal furnace service in Auburn, WA. We are also available to carry out emergency repairs on furnaces that happen to break down, whether due to poor maintenance or part failure. We can help you enjoy high-performing heating systems that are:

  • Installed to code
  • Effective heaters
  • Energy-efficient
  • Reliable
  • Durable

Let your valuable heating system be handled only by truly capable and dependable professionals. Call 2 Sons Plumbing at (206) 316-8583 whenever you need furnace service or furnace repair in your Auburn area property.

Furnace Repair Auburn


Get in touch with us for all your big and small furnace repair needs. It is wise to avoid the do-it-yourself plan and let only duly trained technicians make the complex or simple fixes necessary to get your system going again. There have been numerous instances where DIY furnace repair by an Auburn property owner made matters even worse.

Why take chances when we are here 24/7 to serve you? A quick phone call brings our furnace repair crew to your location to fix anything, including:

  • Squeaking or rumbling noises
  • Pilot control problems
  • Broken heat exchanger
  • Blower switch issues
  • Defective thermostat

We work hard to provide repairs that stand the test of time. Call (206) 316-8583 to schedule a visit by the expert technicians at 2 Sons Plumbing for furnace repair in your Auburn home or business place.

Auburn Furnace Service


Professional installation followed by a religiously followed maintenance schedule is the sure-shot way of optimizing the performance and longevity of any heating system. Remember to call our technicians every year before the start of winter for furnace service to keep your residential and/or commercial heating equipment in peak condition.

We have your maintenance tune-up job done by knowledgeable, trained, and hard-working technicians. During the furnace service visit, our experts:

  • Inspect all unit components
  • Clean or change filters
  • Identify issues to be addressed
  • Test the system

Minimize your heating problems by scheduling furnace service in your Auburn area home or business place with 2 Sons Plumbing. Contact us at (206) 316-8583.

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