Furnace Repair Maple Valley

Furnace Repair for Maple Valley Area Residential and Commercial Furnaces

No matter what sort of furnace service you are looking for, 2 Sons Plumbing is the best place to call in the Maple Valley, WA area. Whether you are a Maple Valley residential home owner or a large commercial establishment, we can help you with any furnace repairs you may need. Our employees are also highly skilled and trained to install your new furnace with ease.

Professional Furnace Installation

Common reasons for furnace repair in Maple Valley:

  • Pilot or ignition issues
  • Dirty/clogged filters
  • Thermostat malfunctions
Furnace Service for All Types of Furnaces in Maple Valley

In any Maple Valley residential or commercial establishment, being in need of furnace repair can be a pain. At 2 Sons Plumbing we are proud to tell you we can send out a skilled, professionally trained employee for any furnace service you may need, 24/7. Offering emergency plumbing services means that no matter what time of night, you can call us up and get your Maple Valley furnace repair taken care of!


When you are in need of a new furnace, we are ready to handle that as well. Installing a new furnace may be a challenge for some plumbers, but not our great employees! All of our plumbers are trained to work efficiently to get your furnace repair or new furnace installed as quickly as possible, and properly the first time around.

Furnace repair or furnace service is available for these styles of furnace in Maple Valley:

  • Central warm air furnaces
  • Gravity furnaces
  • Forced air furnaces
Why Choose Us When You Want a New Furnace Installed in Maple Valley?

Not only are all of our employees trained for all furnace repairs and the installation of multiple types of new furnace, but we can promise they will get it done the first time, every time. Our highly skilled professionals will diagnose what furnace repair you may need and give you at least three options on how to go about these furnace repairs.


Even better, each of these will come with a price tag – no surprises! You will know what work is being done and for how much before they ever start your furnace service! We are prepared to install your new furnace or even provide furnace repairs day or night. Regardless of the time of day we will be available for your Maple Valley furnace service.

Reasons to choose us for your furnace repair or new furnace installation in Maple Valley:

  • New furnace installation done quickly
  • Furnace repairs at minimum cost
  • Emergency services available
  • Professional, experienced and knowledgeable plumbers
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