Have you ever heard of or wondered what exactly trenchless sewer technology is?

At 2 Sons Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air, we actually have the technology to fix your broken sewer pipes without having to dig up your entire yard. We just make a small hole to connect into your sewer pipe and then work our magic. Sewer Repair can literally cost tens-of-thousands of dollars when roots get into your old sewer pipes and create sewage backups. If you think of it like surgery, would you rather have a doctor cut a 12″ incision to perform surgery or a small 0.5″ incision and perform the same repairs with quicker recovery? Well, that’s basically what we are doing with your sewer pipes. We can dig up the entire sewer line and replace it all, or make a small hole, connect to your pipe and perform the sewer pipe repair cheaper and less-invassively as well.

Call 2 Sons Plumbing, Electric, Heating & Air today for your trenchless sewer repair in the Seattle, WA and surrounding areas!

Sump Pump Installation Services

Has your basement (or crawlspace) flooded?

It’s the worst feeling, to step down into basement of your Seattle home and feel the “squish” between your toes. If your basement is finished, it is a heart-sickening feeling. You might have gotten the sump pumps installation done but they still might fail for many reasons – from power outages to age and even lack of use. A good, hardy, professional-grade sump pump is a must and should be replaced (at a minimum) every three to five years to avoid the “squishy” experiences in your Seattle home. 2 Sons Plumbing can replace and install these for you.

Is your sump pump constantly running?

This is because it’s on its last leg. Sump Pumps don’t like to run dry. If it is running when there is no water in the sump pump pit, this is usually associated with a “switching” problem. Depending on your sump pump in the Seattle area, the switch can either be repaired, adjusted, or replaced. The sump pump experts in Seattle at 2 Sons Plumbing can evaluate the plumbing problem, install new sump pumps and make sure that your sump pump is working properly.

Sump Pump Repair for Switching Problems
Would you like the added security of a backup system?

Let’s face it, how many times do we go into our basement and check our sump pumps? Sump pumps by nature, fail at the worst time. A flooded basement or crawlspace can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Big screen TVs can be replaced. Floating family heirlooms, not so easily. Which is why it is a good idea to get sump pump installation done timely. There are different types and styles of backups to choose from, such as battery backups, AC/DC backups, all-in-one sump pump systems and water-powered backups. 2 Sons Plumbing in the Seattle community can help you determine what the right system is for your home. Give yourself that added security and peace of mind by protecting your Seattle home and family possessions with a professionally installed backup sump pump system for less than you think.

Is your basement bathroom not draining properly?

Most Seattle basement bathrooms get a sewage ejector (aka “lift station) installation done. Basement bathrooms are lower than the house main sewer line. A sewage ejector installation is used to “lift” the basement bathroom water and waste up into the house main sewer line to flow out into city sewer system or septic tank. If you do not get sewage ejector installation done or if it is not working properly, the basement bathroom toilet, sink or shower will not drain properly, if at all. An inspection and repair thereafter, of the ejector by 2 Sons Plumbing will reveal the problem. It’s a yucky job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Sewage Ejection Pump Repaired, Adjusted or Replaced
Is your sewage ejector constantly running?

Similar to a sump pump (see above), sewage ejectors don’t like to run dry. If it is running when there is no water in the ejector pit, this is usually associated with a “switching” problem. Depending on your sewage ejector, the switch can either be repaired, adjusted or replaced. You can also go for re-installation in case it has broken down completely. The sewage ejector experts at 2 Sons Plumbing in the Seattle area can evaluate the problem, extend the required repair services and make sure that your ejector is ejecting the way it should.

Is there a strong smell of sewage coming from your sewage ejectors ?

This is not a pleasant smell, we know, but easily remedied. It could either be that the pit has a vent problem or the sewage ejector pit seal has decayed or has been breached. All of which 2 Sons Plumbing in the Seattle area can assess, repair, re-install if needed and provide the right services.