Water Softener Mercer Island


Do you have hard water in your Mercer Island, WA area property? Have you decided to have a water softener system installed and are looking around for experienced professionals to do the job? Let Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing take care of your water treatment and conditioning needs.

Though hard water may not be a significant safety hazard, the harmful minerals present in it do cause a few problems. Installation of a water softener system is the ideal solution to combat these issues.

Property owners who hire us to install a water softener system in their Mercer Island property and to route the main water supply through it can expect a few benefits from the project. These include:

  • Longer-lasting plumbing appliances
  • Reduced usage of water, soap, and detergent
  • Brighter, softer clothes after laundering
  • Easier cleaning of floors, bathtubs, glasses, dishes

Hard Water Mercer Island


What makes dealing with hard water quite challenging is that it is a pervasive problem. It is not only a faucet or two in your property that will have water with excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium. You will have hard water throughout your Mercer Island property, exposing all your plumbing fixtures and pipes to it.

That is why we recommend a comprehensive water conditioning solution. Make hard water problems a thing of the past by scheduling a visit by our plumbers for installing a whole-house water softening device.

We are committed to helping you make a worthwhile investment, and our technicians go all out to ensure that the system installed in your property:

  • Is correctly-sized
  • Carries a respected brand name
  • Has been built for excellent performance and durable use

Water Softener System Mercer Island


The efficiency and longevity of your water softener system depend upon how well it is installed. Even premium-quality products can fail if inexperienced technicians do their installation and servicing.

Make your water conditioning device work optimally by getting it installed by us. We put well-trained, seasoned plumbers on the job to ensure a high-performing water softener system in your Mercer Island home or business place.

Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority. So, we provide you with sufficient respite from hard water:

  • With a smooth, well-organized process
  • At the most competitive prices
  • In a friendly, stress-free manner

Call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (206) 487-1757 to know more about the advantages of investing in a water softener system for your Mercer Island property.

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