Replace Your Kitchen Faucet for Home Remodel or Renovations

Looking to replace a kitchen faucet for updating your kitchen? Want to replace a kitchen faucet that is constantly dripping? 2 Sons Plumbing is here to meet all your faucet installation and replacement needs.

To replace a kitchen faucet, you need to remove the old one. This can be tough with problems such as poor access to fittings and hard-to-open nuts. Moreover, when you replace a kitchen fixture, it is important to ensure proper installation so that the new faucet works efficiently. That is why you should call professionals like us to replace a kitchen plumbing fixture.

Professional Plumbers

Whether the already installed kitchen faucet has gone beyond repair or does not complement your renovated home, we can replace a kitchen faucet for you. We take care to:

  • Replace with a quality product that suits your lifestyle
  • Replace the fixture carefully, exhibiting superb workmanship
  • Replace quickly, without delaying your home remodeling project
  • Replace a kitchen faucet at a fair price
bathroom Fixture & Shower Faucet Replacement

Leaky showers and broken bathroom fixtures can be very irritating. Get speedy respite from them with our bathroom fixture and shower faucet replacement services.


Just a quick call brings us to your side to conduct the fixture or shower head replacement your bathroom needs. Our fast response to your shower faucet replacement request is followed by faster shower faucet replacement.

We further ensure a satisfying shower faucet replacement service experience for you through:

  • Honest estimates for shower fixture replacement
  • Efficient and hassle-free shower faucet replacement
  • Jobsite cleanup after replacement

While we offer a shower faucet replacement for fixing bathroom plumbing issues, our shower faucet replacement services are also available for bathroom remodels.

Fixture and Faucet Installation for Bath and Kitchen Plumbing Projects

Fixture and faucet installation is an important aspect of bath and kitchen plumbing projects. The finesse with which our installation is done impacts the eventual efficiency of the bathroom or kitchen.

Hiring us for fixture and faucet installation ensures optimal results for your plumbing project. Our impeccable installation services assure you of years of stress-free use of kitchen and bathroom faucets.


You can count on our highly experienced, suitably trained and extremely considerate plumbers for:

  • Seamless installation done with keen attention to detail
  • Proper installation that meets the applicable plumbing codes
  • Great customer service throughout the installation job

Interested in shower faucet replacement? Need to replace a kitchen faucet? 2 Sons Plumbing is your source for fast, professional and economical faucet installation and replacement services.