Cottage Lake Hydro Jetting


Over time, it is not uncommon for things like hair, grease and other debris to accumulate in your pipes, leading to clogs and possibly backed-up sewer lines. This can be addressed with our hydro jetting services we offer Cottage Lake, WA from Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing. Our Cottage Lake hydro jetting service is an extremely effective and affordable solution for extreme clogs.

Our professional-grade Cottage Lake hydro jetting tools do not just clear away grime, but it totally clears your pipes and sewer lines of large scale backups. The other major benefit is that because our Cottage Lake hydro jetting equipment is easy to work with, it does not require the long man-hours required with other methods of clog removal.

For Cottage Lake hydro jetting services, we are one of the best in the industry. With us you get:

  • Hydrojet plumbing
  • Hydrojet drain cleaning
  • Hydrojet sewer
  • Hydrojet sewer line

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Cottage Lake Hydrojet


There are several ways to remedy clogged pipes, but for serious clogs our Cottage lake hydro jet solution reigns supreme. Our Cottage Lake hydrojet service works by using plumbing equipment and a special hose to shoot high-pressure water throughout the pipes to break up blockages.

Our Cottage Lake hydro jet service is an excellent solution for when a plumbing snake is proving ineffective. With our Cottage Lake hydrojet, you can use it to break up the toughest of clogs.

For maintaining your plumbing system, our Cottage Lake hydrojet service is highly effective. We provide services like:

  • Hydrojets
  • Water jets
  • Sewer water jet
  • Sump hydrojets

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Cottage Lake Plumbing Snake


Our Cottage Lake plumbing snake is adequate for minor blockages like wadded up toilet paper or the buildup of loose waste. However, hydro jetting is designed to handle more stubborn clogs. Thick sediment, even tree roots, has grown into the piping and can all be forced out by the high PSI (pounds per square inch) of water that hydro jetting provides.

If you regularly choose our Cottage Lake plumbing snake services, you will notice the positive effect of the drain snake on your drainage. This means that your water fixtures are less likely to develop standing water or overflow. The biggest benefit of regular snaking is that it prevents our Cottage Lake plumbing snake clogs from forming to begin with.

For preventing clogs, opt for our Cottage Lake plumbing snake services. We offer:

  • Drain snake
  • Drain auger
  • Pipe snake
  • Sink snake

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