Frozen Pipes Snohomish


Frozen pipes are among the property maintenance concerns that landlords should be aware of during the winter months. Some pipes are more vulnerable to freezing than others. Frozen pipes are generally the ones that:

  • Run along the exterior walls
  • Are located in the basement
  • Pass through the unheated attic
  • Are installed under the sink

There are a couple of reasons why frozen drain pipe or water pipe is a serious problem. Lack of access to running water and stalled flow of wastewater are the most obvious dangers. Another is the potential of a pipe burst. The pressure created by frozen water in the pipe can build up eventually to the point that the pipe bursts. The resulting crack or break becomes obvious when temperatures start rising.

Want to stay away from the inconvenience and hazard created by frozen pipes in your Snohomish, WA area property? Then, call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing to unfreeze pipes as soon as you notice the problem.

Frozen Drain Pipe Snohomish


A frozen drain pipe is less common than a frozen water pipe. However, we do handle quite a few jobs every year that involve unfreezing sewer pipes, drain lines or grease traps.

Give us a call when you feel a need for professional assistance in dealing with a frozen drain pipe in your Snohomish area property. When the outside temperature is well below the freezing point, sewage backing up into the property and foul odors coming around a drain or faucet are indications of a frozen drain pipe.

The typical reasons resulting in a frozen drain pipe are:

  • Poor installation, without proper insulation
  • Sudden temperature drop with no water flowing in the drain pipe
  • Inadequate heat in the property due to wrong thermostat setting

Call us to unfreeze pipes in your Snohomish area property, no matter why it becomes necessary.

Unfreeze Pipes Snohomish


As an experienced plumbing service provider, we advise you to properly winterize your pipes to avoid facing inconvenience and having to hire experts hired to unfreeze pipes.

However, there is no need to fret if you do end up with frozen pipes. A quick call is enough to bring in our expert plumbers to unfreeze pipes in your Snohomish area property.

We work with thorough professionalism and unfreeze pipes:

  • At a fast pace
  • Carefully and comprehensively
  • Without damaging the piping

Dealing with frozen pipes in your Snohomish area property is easy when you have Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing around to help. Call (425) 429-7888.

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