Utility Locator SeaTac


The extensive network of plumbing and sewer lines that keep your property functional lies buried deep under the ground. When this network develops an issue and needs to be repaired or replaced, the first step is to locate it correctly. This is where Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing comes in.

We are the most trusted sources for skilled underground utility locator services in SeaTac, WA, and its surrounding areas. Finding the exact location of the water and sewer pipes that are hidden from view is not easy. You cannot call in just any local plumbers for the job.

Our company is the right choice because we have the correct combination of equipment and technicians. We have invested in cutting-edge water line and sewer locator. Our technicians are trained and experienced at using it properly. When we come with an underground utility locator to your SeaTac area property, rest assured that site of the concerned pipe will be found:

  • With 100% precision
  • Very fast
  • In a non-intrusive, non-destructive manner

Sewer Locator SeaTac


We understand that it will not do to take a trial by error approach to locating the underground utilities. A situation where any property owner has to have sewer repair is quite stressful. The last thing he or she would want is for the yard to be dug up all over to find the piping that has to be fixed.

Ensure your peace of mind by turning to us when you need sewer locator services around SeaTac. Our plumbers use the sewer locator with expertise and work:

  • Diligently
  • Without undue haste
  • Just like they would on a job for their home

Count on our sewer locator to find the exact depth and position of the wastewater pipes in your property.

Underground Utility Locator SeaTac


Our underground utility locator services do not just facilitate pipe repairs jobs. These are a big help even when some excavation for remodeling or construction work is planned on a property. Calling us for a water pipe and sewer locator is a must for protecting the underground utilities from accidental damage during such jobs.

We stand apart from the other providers of underground utility locator services around SeaTac with our:

  • Prompt response
  • Commitment to accuracy in all work
  • Competitive prices
  • Top priority to customer satisfaction

Contact us now to discuss your need for our underground utility locator in your home or business place.

To schedule a visit by the plumbers at Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing with a water line or sewer locator to your SeaTac area property, call (206) 487-1757.

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