Frozen Pipes Woodinville


Are you here in search of trained and experienced professionals who can unfreeze pipes in your Woodinville, WA area property? Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is the professional plumbing company you want!

Thawing of frozen pipes is one of the most common jobs we do every year during the winter months. Most of our customers face this problem due to insufficient winterization of outdoor water pipes. However, lack of heat in the attic or basement is also a reason for frozen pipes in these parts of a property. Moreover, a frozen drain pipe can result if the piping is not installed deep enough.

No matter why you have frozen pipes in your Woodinville property, call us to thaw them. While unexplained lack of water from faucets is an indication of a water pipe freezing, there are other indicators of frozen pipes. These include:

  • Visible frost buildup on the pipe
  • A bulge in the pipe
  • Crack in the pipe through which ice can be seen

Frozen Drain Pipe Woodinville


We offer our expert services to unfreeze pipes of all types, regardless of where these are installed and what materials were used. Besides dealing with frozen water pipes, our plumbers unfreeze:

  • Sewer pipes
  • Drain lines
  • Grease traps

Let us be your first choice for professional help with a frozen drain pipe in your property around Woodinville. Make sure that your underground sewage system is installed professionally with proper piping insulation. This will minimize your chances of encountering a frozen drain pipe.

Your home or business will be disrupted by a frozen drain pipe, which usually leads to backed-up sewage and foul odors leaking into the property. Call us right away. We dispatch our technicians immediately to thaw your frozen drain pipe.

Unfreeze Pipes Woodinville


You cannot be casual in scheduling a visit by plumbers to unfreeze pipes in your Woodinville area property. Putting off the job to a more convenient day can result in costing you money. By then the frozen pipes might burst and burden you with a costlier pipe replacement job.

It is essential even to unfreeze pipes that are already cracked so that your property is not suddenly water-logged when the cold abates. Why take chances when we are here to unfreeze pipes in an emergency?

We ensure that frozen pipes cause you minimal:

  • Damage
  • Loss
  • Discomfort and hassle

Do not let frozen pipes in your Woodinville area property hold up your family or work life. Call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (425) 988-5305 for help.

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