Garbage Disposal Kirkland


Meal preparation and kitchen cleanup can be difficult without garbage disposals. Having a disposal in the kitchen to shred all the food waste allows the sewer system on the property to function smoothly and also benefits the environment by reducing the debris in a landfill.

At Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing, we install garbage disposals in the Kirkland, WA area to increase the efficiency of residential and commercial kitchens. Get in touch with us if you need the device connected in your newly constructed property or want to get the aging disposal presently installed in your kitchen replaced. We assure you of a unit that is:

  • A quality product from a well-known manufacturer
  • Of adequate size/power for your kitchen
  • Installed carefully, per code

Our expertise with garbage disposals is not limited to their installation and replacement. We also provide exceptional services for garbage disposal repair in the Kirkland area.

Garbage Disposal Repair Kirkland


Many things can go wrong with a kitchen garbage disposal. The device endures a lot of use and abuse. The common reasons why a visit by our technicians has to be scheduled for garbage disposal repair in Kirkland area properties include:

  • Throwing difficult items like bones, eggshells and fibrous foods in the unit
  • Wearing of parts with time
  • Lack of maintenance and upkeep

It is always advisable to avoid DIY garbage disposal repair no matter what causes the appliance to act up. Unlike a do-it-yourselfer, our trained and experienced garbage disposal repair specialist can diagnose the underlying issue correctly in no time and fix it with a lasting solution.

Our garbage disposal repair experts can, at the same time, detect and take care of other budding problems so that our customer does not have to call us again some days or weeks later.

Garbage Disposals Kirkland


What makes us one of the best choices for the repair of garbage disposals in the Kirkland area is our high integrity and ethical work practices.

Our technicians never recommend more repair work than is actually needed to get the unit up and running. And, they suggest replacing the appliance only if repairs are not feasible.

We pride ourselves on ensuring seamless work on all the jobs we do on garbage disposals. Whether called in for repair or installation job, our technicians:

  • Take a detail-oriented approach to work
  • Work with advanced tools
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction

Reach Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (425) 988-5305 for garbage disposal repair service in the Kirkland area. We also install, service, and replace garbage disposals.

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