Garbage Disposal Mercer Island


Garbage disposals are said to be one the most heavily used as well as abused plumbing appliances in both residential and commercial settings. Too many users cause their disposals to clog or have the blades destroyed by throwing in unsuitable things, such as:

  • Bones
  • Eggshells
  • Extremely fibrous food like celery
  • Grease or fruit pits

Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing offers garbage disposal repair services in Mercer Island, WA area to help home and business owners who encounter problems in the kitchen due to defective disposals. Our plumbers understand the working of garbage disposals of virtually all makes and models. They have knowledge, skills, and experience for completing any garbage disposal repair job in Mercer Island seamlessly.

If you too want reliable plumber service to get your malfunctioning disposal up and running, give us a call now.

Garbage Disposal Repair Mercer Island


Garbage disposals have quite a few components that need to work in tandem for the appliance to do its job efficiently. A snag in any of these can have the unit stalled or else not grinding the food waste properly.

No matter what goes wrong with your disposal, do not make the mistake of attempting DIY garbage disposal repair. You could end up with a severe injury or even more damaged disposal. Call our plumbing repair experts to the scene, let them diagnose what is wrong with your appliance and carry out the required garbage disposal repair in your Mercer Island area kitchen.

No disposal problem is too intricate for our plumbers to resolve. Some of the common issues that our garbage disposal repair experts fix includes:

  • Stuck flywheel
  • Broken seal or hose
  • Worn grinder teeth
  • Clogged drain line

Garbage Disposals Mercer Island


Sometimes the problem with a disposal is such that repair is not an option. We can outfit kitchens with new garbage disposals in such situations. Our technicians are ethical professionals and never recommend a replacement if economical, reliable garbage disposal repair is possible.

Our expert services are also available for maintenance of garbage disposals installed in Mercer Island area properties. Keep your unit working at peak efficient at all items by having our plumber service it. The scheduled maintenance includes:

  • Checking the wiring
  • Ensuring proper working of flywheel and blades
  • Cleaning the unit

Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is the go-to expert for installation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of garbage disposals in the Mercer Island area. Call (206) 487-1757.

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