Believe it or not, installing brand new plumbing in a basement remodel project in Federal Way can be quite a bit more complex than installing it above-ground. Due to gravity, adding bathrooms in a basement remodel present a unique set of challenges that only a professional plumber can solve.

Our plumbers have extensive experience in adding bathrooms in basement remodel projects in Federal Way. We complete projects:

  • On time
  • Within budget
  • With superior workmanship



It does not matter whether your basement bathroom needs in Federal Way include a powder room or a master bath, our plumbers can ensure maximum efficiency and functionality in your new basement bathroom. We offer a wide range of services to finish your basement bathroom project, including:

  • Fixture and faucet installation
  • Drain line replacement
  • Backwater valve installation

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Rest assured we will complete your basement bathroom project in Federal Way with care and attention to detail.



If you are wondering how much a basement bathroom is going to cost, we can customize your bathroom addition project to meet your unique needs, specifications and budget. With the right plumbing layout and fixtures in the bathroom addition for your Federal Way basement, you can enjoy it just like you enjoy your main bathroom.

Here are some reasons why you should choose our plumbers for bathroom addition services:

  • Family owned and operated business
  • Serving our customers since 1980
  • Military and senior discounts

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your bathroom addition needs for your Federal Way basement.

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