Water Pressure Gig Harbor


Low water pressure in your Gig Harbor, WA home can be a big nuisance. Many daily routine tasks that you normally breeze through may get tough and you may be frustrated to find that:

  • The bathtub takes forever to fill
  • The shower gives out a trickle instead of strong spray of water
  • Washing machines or dishwashers run a longer cycle
  • The toilet does not get ready for reuse soon enough

Thankfully, Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is here to address your low water pressure issues in Gig Harbor. Whether it is a complex problem with no or low water pressure throughout the plumbing system or a relatively simple issue with only a single fixture having poor water flow, our plumbers have the situation covered.

Our experts quickly narrow down the exact cause of the low water supply, determine the most suitable solution, and deliver thorough services to end your problem for good.

Low Water Pressure Gig Harbor


The pressure with which water flows through your plumbing system can drop for several reasons. Buildup of scaling and corrosion inside pipes, partially open water meter valves, erratic water supply, hidden plumbing leaks and a failing water pressure regulator are some of the common issues homeowners face.

We promise you fast and lasting relief from the hassles brought on by low water pressure in your Gig Harbor property. Being a customer-friendly plumbing company, we are focused on resolving your problem as soon as possible. Being manufacturer-trained and experienced, our plumbers know exactly how to boost water flow to normal pressure levels.

While providing solutions for low water pressure in your home or business place, our technicians will:

  • Work patiently and diligently
  • Diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently
  • Use advanced tools and technologies

Water Pressure Regulator Gig Harbor


The services we offer for fixing water flow or pressure issues include installation, repair and replacement of water pressure regulators. A water pressure regulator is a control valve for reducing the pressure from the municipal water supply system before letting it get into your plumbing system. The high pressure at the water mains needs to be brought down to safe levels. Otherwise, your plumbing pipes can get damaged.

Has a defective water pressure regulator in your Gig Harbor property caused a sudden upward spike or decrease in your water flow? Call us to repair the water pressure regulator or replace it with one that is:

  • Top-grade
  • The correct size
  • Installed correctly

Experiencing issues with water flow pressure or water pressure regulator in your Gig Harbor property? Call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (253) 533-7038.

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