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A great deal of waste and water flows down the drains in every property, residential or commercial, daily. It is not surprising then that clogged sewer lines and backing up drains are two of the most common problems for which a plumber is called.

At Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing, we have our drain cleaner available 24/7 to help out people facing a crisis due to sudden sewer problems in their Kirkland, WA area property. Do not panic if you are cleaning up the kitchen after a family dinner and find the wastewater backing up instead of flowing down into the sewer line. Do not start looking around for a plunger or drain snake with which to try removing the clog.

Hire none but us for routine and emergency cleaning of your sewer system in Kirkland. Stay calm and call us for the services of a drain cleaner. Our technician:

  • Is dispatched ASAP
  • Comes prepared with a drain snake and other tools
  • Restores the sewer flow and function within no time

Drain Snake Kirkland


Not all clogged sewer lines are equally easy or difficult to fix. We understand this and stock the service van with a variety of drain cleaning equipment. Depending on the reason and severity of sewer clog, our drain cleaner uses the most suitable among the following tools to get rid of the obstruction:

  • Plunger
  • Drain snake
  • Water jetting machine

We also equip our plumbers with a sewer line inspection camera for finding the exact cause and location of the clog before inserting a drain snake into the pipe. While hydro-jetting the sewer line or using a drain snake in your Kirkland area property, our technicians take care that no damage is done to the piping or yard.

Drain Cleaner Kirkland


It is not safe to let any plumber enter your home or business place and handle your expensive sewer system. Ensure your peace of mind by working with our drain cleaner that is:

  • Insured, bonded and licensed
  • Trustworthy
  • Trained, experienced and diligent

We send our drain cleaner to your Kirkland area property with the objective of not just restoring the normal functioning of the sewer system, but also leaving the place looking clean and orderly like it did on our arrival.

Our plumbers remove the debris dislodged from the sewer lines by drain snake and hydro-jets after they have finished the job.

When you need high efficient services of a sewer and drain cleaner around Kirkland, contact Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing. Call (425) 988-5305.

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