Sewer Jetter Services to Clear Sewer Line Clogs in Bothell

Do not waste your time on chemical cleaners that claim to clear sewer lines. We have a powerful sewer jetter in Bothell to eliminate clogs. Before performing a sewer jetter service, we perform a video pipe inspection of your sewer line to identify the exact location of the clogs, and take the best course of action.

Let our team of certified technicians perform sewer jetter services in Bothell right, the first time.


Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing offers sewer jetter services in Bothell, WA to clear sewer lines clogged with roots and grease. Many residential and commercial customers choose our sewer jetter services in Bothell to prevent the risks of sewage backing up into their finished basements that has the potential to cause significant damage. Our sewer jetter services will:

  • Penetrate and emulsify grease
  • Pulverize roots
  • Break up debris
  • Flush out the system
Hydro Jetting to Remove Roots in Bothell Sewer Lines

Hydro jetting involves using high pressure water to flush out everything from sewer line pipe walls that can cause clogging or damage. The special thing about the hydro jetting process in Bothell is that it can make your sewer lines work like new again.


We are a family owned and operated company providing expert hydro jetting services in Bothell. Customers often wonder: how much hydro jetting is going to cost them. We keep our prices reasonable, so you do not have to break the bank to clear your sewer lines. Other features include:

  • No cleaning job is too large or small for our technicians
  • We have the most sophisticated hydro jetting equipment available
  • Our workmanship will ensure long-lasting results
High Pressure Water Jetting Services for Bothell Residents

High pressure water jetting to clear Bothell sewer lines is a better alternative to running a snake or cable through the lines. The snake or cable method involves punching a hole in the clog to resume the flow.


This technique usually leaves an area for debris to accumulate again. With high pressure water jetting in Bothell, you can be certain that you have an absolutely clean sewer line. High pressure water jetting in Bothell is perfect solution for:

  • Older drains and sewer pipes
  • Clearing large sewer lines
  • Unclogging sump pump drain lines

We also provide 24-hour emergency water jetting services to Bothell residents for situations when the sewer back up has gotten out of control. Contact Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing to schedule a high pressure water jetting service in Bothell now.

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