Bothell Sewer Line


Let 2 Sons Plumbing be your first and only call for sewer line repair in your Bothell, WA property. Slow-moving or backing up drain pipes are among the worst plumbing problems that any property owner can have to face.

Any issue with the flow and function of your Bothell sewer line does more than cause inconvenience in use of the plumbing system for many daily routine tasks. Delay in the required Bothell sewer line repair can result in considerable property damage, municipal penalties and health concerns all arising out of sewage backups.

Keep such headaches at bay by getting in touch with us whenever your Bothell sewer line starts acting up. We are available 24/7 to fix:

  • •Crack drainage line
  • Broken sewer pipe
  • Corroded sewer drain pipe
  • Collapsed sanitary line

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Bothell Sewer Liners


We offer the facility of non-invasive solution of Bothell sewer liners for resolving underground waste line problems. Our company stays current with advancements in the plumbing industry and its investment in the latest technologies makes trenchless installation of Bothell sewer liners possible.

The process of trenchless, or a ‘no dig’ sewer liner install, does not require the extensive yard excavation that is a must with the traditional sewer line repair method. Our services for Bothell sewer liners installation are high in demand by property owners who want fast, eco-friendly and cost-effective repairs.

Contact us for more details about Bothell sewer liners and discuss the benefits from opting for:

  • •Sewer pipe liner
  • Perma liner
  • Epoxy liner
  • Sewer drain liner

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Bothell Sewer Liner


All of our jobs for Bothell sewer liner installation combine the best in technology, workmanship and materials. We maintain the modern equipment for laying down sewer liners. The plumbers that we put to work are trained in its use and have proven their skills with successful installation of Bothell sewer liner in numerous properties.

Our company offers comprehensive services for trenchless sewer line repairs. We make Bothell sewer liner installs in both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians can fix any length of damaged sewer pipes using trenchless technology.

Moreover, we can carry out Bothell sewer liner installation to repair underground piping made of any material. You can hire us for:

  • •Cast iron pipe lining
  • PVC sewer pipe lining
  • Clay pipe lining
  • Orangeburg sewer pipe lining
  • ABS sewer pipe lining

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