Shower Repair North Bend


You might not take it seriously, but a leaking shower can become a big problem if not dealt within a reasonable time. Whether it is the cubicle that allows water to escape or it is the faucet that is leaking, you must get the shower faucet repair done immediately to avoid expensive replacement later.

Get in touch with 2 Sons Plumbing for efficient shower repair in North Bend, WA. Serving as an established plumbing company since 1995, we offer shower repair services for all types of showers. Call us for shower repair when you notice any of the following:

  • Moldy or swollen skirting boards
  • Damp, musty smell
  • Paint peeling on bathroom walls
  • Stained timber under the house
  • Loose faucets/shower door hinges

Rely on us to offer shower repair services for other shower parts like the handle, door, faucet, diverter, and the floor.

Feel free to call 2 Sons Plumbing at (206) 487-1787 for efficient shower repair in the North Bend area.

Shower Faucet Repair North Bend


The shower faucets are chosen as per the décor of the bathroom. However, you must ensure that they are working properly so that you do not have to get frequent faucet repair services.

Having the experience and the expertise, we are the favorites when it comes to any requirement of shower faucet repair in North Bend. We are proficient in providing shower faucet repair for all the faucets that include:

  • Wall mounted
  • Free standing
  • Hand shower
  • Thermostatic valves

The most common of the problems for which shower faucet repair is required is faucet leakage. This is usually caused when the valve of the shower faucet develops a problem.

Rely on and call 2 Sons Plumbing at (206) 487-1787 when you require shower faucet repair in North Bend.

Shower Valve Repair North Bend


Any problems with the shower faucet actually means that you need shower valve repair as it might have developed a problem. Valves are prone to natural wear and tear, leading to several problems.

Count on us for efficient shower valve repair services as we are thoroughly conversant with all types of shower valves. Call us for shower valve repair when you notice the following:

  • Sudden change in water pressure
  • Leaking faucet
  • Hot and cold water fluctuations
  • Fluctuating water pressure during shower

Instead of bearing the fickle pressure and temperature changes caused by a damaged valve, call the experts to have a look and provide shower valve repair services.

Call 2 Sons Plumbing at (206) 487-1787 when you require shower valve repair in the North Bend area.

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