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Daily cooking and after-dinner cleaning generates quite a bit of food waste. This includes leftover food as well as cooking grease. Managing this waste was difficult before the introduction of garbage disposals installed under the sink. The disposal grinds the waste going down the sink drain so that it gets disposed of without any problem.

The garbage disposals in Gig Harbor, WA properties and elsewhere need professional installation and regular maintenance to maintain proper functionality. These devices can develop issues when they are misused or the wrong materials are put into them. When this happens they need the attention of an experienced garbage disposal repair expert. This is where Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing steps in.

We are full-service plumbers catering to both home and business owners. Garbage disposal repair, replacement, and new installs are some of the jobs we specialize in. We are known for delivering services that are:

  • Prompt
  • Efficient and accurate
  • Affordable
  • Friendly and hassle-free

Garbage Disposal Repair Gig Harbor


Like any other plumbing appliance, malfunctioning garbage disposals should be fixed at the earliest signs of trouble. Delay in garbage disposal repair in your Gig Harbor property can become more costly if waste backs up and overflows or unsanitary conditions set in, causing expensive repair bills or forcing you to go in for premature replacement of your device.

Why increase your headaches and lighten your wallet when we are here 24/7 to meet your garbage disposal repair requirements? Some signs that your appliance needs to be looked at by our skilled plumbers are:

  • Inability to turn on
  • Screeching noises while running
  • Foul smell in the kitchen, especially near the sink
  • Frequent clogging of the disposal
  • Taking too long to grind the waste

We send seasoned technicians equipped with experience and quality replacement parts to handle your garbage disposal repair job in Gig Harbor.

Garbage Disposals Gig Harbor


Our services for installation or replacement of garbage disposals are also delivered using the best in labor, technology and products. We are a service-oriented plumbing service provider that is committed to protecting the best interests of every customer. Our focus on quality workmanship as well as customer satisfaction is evident in the way we install or replace garbage disposals in Gig Harbor properties.

Whether we go to work in homes or commercial kitchens, we go all out to ensure that our customers get top-notch garbage disposals that:

  • Run smoothly and effectively
  • Have hardly any breakdowns
  • Last for years to come

When it comes to repair and installation/replacement of garbage disposals, Gig Harbor residents trust Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing. (253) 533-7038.

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