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You wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom only to realize that you have a clogged toilet. The situation can be messy and disgusting. You will have to get professionals to unclog the toilet and provide any repair services required. Whom do you call?

Get in touch with Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing for any toilet repair or new installation services in and around Lakewood, WA. Being professional plumbers, we offer the following services:

  • New installation
  • Repair
  • Unclogging

When you are looking for an affordable plumbing service that not only provides highly efficient services but also caters to emergency requirements, you will find us to be there. Whenever you need bathroom plumbing of any sort, give us a call, and we will send in our best plumber technician to have a look and provide the relevant solutions.

Clogged Toilet Lakewood


Having a clogged toilet can be very messy. Not only are you unable to use the bathroom but you also have to deal with the unpleasant and foul odor that spreads across the home. Trust only expert plumbers to deal with a clogged toilet.

Count on us for clogged toilet repair service in the Lakewood area as we been providing this service for a long time. We will inspect your home first to assess the situation and find the reason for the clogging.

Using the most appropriate tools and equipment, we will unclog the toilet and give you peace of mind. We aim to normalize the functioning of the bathroom so that your routine is not disturbed. The clogged toilet could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Kids throwing small toys into it
  • Clogged sewer line
  • The flush system not working properly

Toilet Repair Lakewood


Besides clogging, the toilet may be leaking, broken or having other problems like the flush not working correctly. All these problems disrupt your daily routine leading to irritability and annoyance. Get rid of all the issues by calling in the experts for toilet repair services around Lakewood.

Rely on us for toilet repair services in Lakewood as we:

  • Offer quick and easy services
  • Use high-quality spares
  • Provide customized services
  • Are extremely professional

After our efficient toilet repair services, you will not have to worry about anything. Our plumbers are skilled and will provide honest reviews regarding the situation.

Are you looking for an experienced plumber in the Lakewood area? Call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (253) 533-7038.

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