Shower Repair Capitol Hill


It is indeed very frustrating when you cannot have a quick shower to start your day or a relaxing shower to end a hectic day because the fixture is not working correctly. Thankfully, Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is at hand to provide immediate shower repair services in the Capitol Hill, WA area.

Call us and have the shower fixed before it inconveniences your daily routine. We are proud to be the one-stop shop for all shower repair jobs in the Capitol Hill area.

Our company sends out its plumbers to:

  • Fix showers in both homes and commercial locations
  • Repair showers of all types, designs, and sizes
  • Do shower repair for cosmetic as well as functional issues

Shower Faucet Repair Capitol Hill


There are a few problems that lead to shower faucet repair in any home or commercial property. It is best to avoid DIY shower faucet repair and rely on seasoned shower repair specialists like us. Otherwise, you might end up causing irrevocable damage to the fixture.

Call us for shower faucet repair in the Capitol Hill area when the faucet is:

  • Dripping
  • Spraying with low pressure
  • Producing discolored, funny tasting water
  • Making whistling or chattering noise

We assure you of professional shower faucet repair services, regardless of what is wrong with your bathroom plumbing fixture. In situations where shower faucet repair is not feasible, we can replace the faucet to restore normal functioning of the plumbing system.

Shower Valve Repair Capitol Hill


A bad shower valve is a common reason why shower repair may be necessary. Call us at the earliest signs of valve malfunctioning and let our plumbers carry out suitable shower valve repair.

Are you wondering how you would know if it is time for shower valve repair in your Capitol Hill area bathroom? The grinding of the shower handle when you turn it, shower handle not turning at all, water trickling and not spraying out, an improper mix of cold and hot water are some symptoms of valve issues.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in making shower valve repair. With them on the job, you can look forward to the shower valve repair being done:

  • In the least time possible
  • Correctly, to fix the problem for good
  • Without damaging the other shower parts

Make Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing your #1 choice for all types of shower repair jobs, including shower valve repair and shower faucet repair in your Capitol Hill area property. We are available at (206) 487-1757.

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