Hot Water Heater Repairs for Federal Way Area Residents

Federal Way, WA area residents and commercial customers know how important it is to keep hot water available for use in their plumbing systems. At Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing, our plumbers also understand how important your hot water heater is and we are ready to respond to your hot water heater repair needs. We can assure you of our quick response should your hot water heater stop functioning at its best.


Our expert water heater specialists perform:

  • Quick and comprehensive diagnostic test of your hot water heater
  • Hot water heater repairs from simple maintenance to replacements
  • Federal Way residents can be assured of our prompt service for hot water heater repairs
  • Experience with any hot water heater and tankless water heaters
  • Available to repair your hot water heater or tankless water heaters at any time
Common Problems for Federal Way Area Home or Business Water Heaters

Even though your hot water heater may seem complicated, our plumbers are able to fix any of the problems that might develop in your hot water heater in the Federal Way area. Some of the more common Federal Way area water heater problems include having any of the thermostats or electrical parts in the heater start to malfunction.

In the Federal Way area and surrounding areas we are able to diagnose and advise you on how to proceed in repair or replacement options.

  • Repair low hot water pressure
  • Replace broken or worn parts in the water heater
  • Discuss and advise on replacement options for leaking water heaters
  • Install tankless water heaters as an option where desired
  • Assure Federal Way residential and commercial customers of our quick response time
Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters for the Federal Way Area Property Owner

Having tankless water heaters could be of real benefit to many Federal Way area residential and commercial property owners. Tankless water heaters heat only the water that is needed for use as they do not have a tank to store water for heating. This allows for the use of multiple showers while possibly using the washing machine and dishwasher without running out of hot water.


There are numerous merits to having tankless heaters, including:

  • Tankless water heaters ideal for large family homes especially with teenagers
  • Save on energy with tankless water heaters
  • Our plumbers are skilled at installing tankless water heaters
  • Our plumbers can complete the minor adjustments needed for tankless water heaters
  • High return on investment possibilities

When your water heater goes out, call us in!

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