Sewer Jetter Services to Clear Sewer Line Clogs in Everett

Clogged sewer lines can be very inconvenient, whether they happen in a home or a commercial property in Everett, WA. The clogs can result from several reasons, such as buildup of dirt, grime and grease inside the pipes, or root intrusion into the pipes.

If you want your sewer line blockages removed and the sewer lines scour cleaned, call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing to provide sewer jetter service in your Everett property. It involves using a pressure washer sewer jetter system through which water is blasted out at high velocity. This water jetting process forces clogs out of the pipe to restore its normal flow.


By hydro jetting sewer lines with our powerful sewer jetter system, we offer Everett residents one of the best ways of clearing choked sewer lines. The benefits of using our sewer jetter services in Everett include:

  • Safe on the pipes
  • Eco-friendly as no harsh chemicals are used
  • Long-lasting results
Hydro Jetting to Remove Roots in Everett Sewer Lines

Concerned about how much hydro jetting is going to cost? Relax! The price of hydro jetting plumbing for root removal generally depends upon factors like the severity of root invasion, its location, and the length of the pipe to be treated with water jetting.

Still, we price our hydro jetting services in Everett at reasonable and competitive rates. Our sewer jetter services come without extra trip charges, and we also provide emergency water jetting services at normal prices. We even offer attractive senior and military discounts on hydro jetting services to Everett residents.


We believe that people should not have to choose between economy and quality when they need sewer jetter services. Therefore, we:

  • Take a detail-oriented approach to all drain jetting jobs
  • Work with certified and trained technicians
  • Use advanced hydro jetting equipment
High Pressure Water Jetting Services for Everett Residents

Our water jetting services assure Everett residents of a lasting solution to end their woes from clogged or backing-up sewers. We offer 24/7 emergency services to keep the miseries of our customers to a minimum.


As a well-established plumbing company that prides itself on quality service, we adopt a systematic process for performing water jetting in Everett properties. Following it, we:

  • Conduct video inspection of clogged pipe
  • Identify the type of clog and its precise location
  • Determine how intense the sewer jetter service is needed to remove the clog
  • Carry out high pressure water jetting with due caution

Call us to schedule hydro jetting services in Everett from Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing.

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