Sewer Camera Inspection Gig Harbor


Since sewer pipes are buried deep under the ground, it is not easy to know what goes wrong within them. An issue in sewer line may manifest itself in the form of a sewage backup, foul odors in the property, damp patches in the yard, or a contaminated water supply. However, the exact problem remains a mystery.

At Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing, we carry out sewer camera inspection in Gig Harbor, WA area properties, to clear up this mystery. Also referred to as sewer scope, sewer line camera inspection is a high-tech technique of looking inside the underground piping without digging up the yard.

Sewer camera inspection works by feeding a waterproof video camera mounted on a flexible cable into the sewer line. Video feed from the sewer line camera is watched on a monitor placed comfortably above the ground. It shows:

  • The inside of sewer piping
  • Everything going on within the pipe
  • Any issue that is hampering the sewer flow

Sewer Camera Gig Harbor


Our sewer camera inspection in any Gig Harbor area property discovers the condition of sewer pipes without a long-drawn-out process, big mess from excavation, or need for property restoration expenses. All these things are typical of the traditional method for detecting sewer problems.

Actually, the purpose of sewer camera inspection is not just to find the precise issue that needs to be fixed. Our technicians can also be called in to use the sewer line camera in homes or commercial properties:

  • To retrieve items lost by falling down the drain
  • As part of inspection before completing a real estate deal
  • For routine sewer system maintenance
  • To check system health before adding new bath or kitchen

No matter why you happen to needs our sewer camera inspection services in the Gig Harbor area, trust us for a seamless job.

Sewer Line Camera Gig Harbor


Our plumbing company has made a name for itself by consistently maintaining a high degree of precision and professionalism in its services.

When you choose us to conduct sewer line camera inspection in your Gig Harbor area property, have the peace of mind that you have the hired the best people in the trade. We:

  • Take the job seriously and do it sincerely
  • Put only trained and experienced crew to work
  • Use state-of-the-art sewer line camera

The best part is that our sewer camera inspection services come at competitive rates.

Schedule a visit by the plumbers at Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing for sewer line camera inspection in your Gig Harbor area property. Call (253) 533-7038.

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