Video Pipe Inspection to Identify Pipe Blockages in Auburn

Video pipeline inspection is a highly effective technique used for locating pipe blockages. It is done using a special waterproof, high resolution pipe camera that is attached at the tip of a flexible rod. The pipe camera travels all through a water or sewer pipe, including around the corners, and transmits ‘real-time’ video images that help the plumber assess the condition of the pipes.


As a leading plumbing company that is dedicated to providing the most innovative plumbing solutions to its customers, Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing offers video pipe inspection services in Auburn, WA. We can conduct camera pipe inspection to find the cause and exact location of pipe clogs in any residential or commercial property.

Our use of the video pipe inspection technique offers Auburn residents many benefits:

  • No guesswork in dealing with clogged pipes
  • Quick unclogging of the choked pipes
  • Minimal excavation and property destruction during pipe unclogging job
Pipeline Inspection for the Inside of Your Auburn Pipes

Our services for camera pipeline inspection can be hired by Auburn residents not only in case of emergencies like clogged sewers, but also as a precautionary measure. Since video pipe inspection gives an accurate picture of the inside of sewer/water pipes, its use can help a property owner avoid emergency calls to a plumber and make important decisions beforehand.

Highly Experienced Plumbers

The ideal times for calling us to perform video pipeline inspection in any Auburn property are:

  • Before buying a property
  • Ahead of starting a kitchen/bathroom remodeling project
  • When the sewer system seems to be performing sluggishly

We conduct thorough camera pipe inspection to reveal the precise condition of plumbing and drain pipes. Our video pipeline inspection services help Auburn residents make worthwhile investments and experience the least possible drainage hassles.

Camera Pipe Inspection Services for Auburn Residents

Wondering how much a video pipe inspection will cost? Relax! We offer camera pipe inspection services to Auburn residents at fair and affordable prices. Ever since we started the plumbing business in 1980, we have been driven to offer our customers high-quality, low-cost services.


Our camera pipe inspection services in Auburn come without any extra trip, weekend, or after-hour service charges. We also offer special online coupons for sewer camera pipe inspection in Auburn properties. Meanwhile, we work with a commitment to quality and ensure that the pipeline inspection is done:

  • By certified technicians
  • Using cutting-edge sewer inspection equipment
  • With diligence and keen attention to detail

Call us for video pipe inspection services in Auburn from Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing.

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