Drain Cleaning Services for Federal Way Home & Business Drains

A clogged drain can be a really repulsive issue. This can happen in your home and office as well. In Federal Way, WA, Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is a popular name for our services of drain cleaning. We have experts on our team who have great experience in drain cleaning in Federal Way. We also have the best equipment required for drain cleaning in various places.


People throw the garbage of their daily use in the drains. Gradually, the wastes get accumulated in the drain and results in a clogged drain. Though you will get numerous items in the markets of Federal Way for drain cleaning, those items are not effective for drain cleaning. Those so-called drain cleaning items might actually be harmful to the sewer line itself. But we have the most modern equipment for drain cleaning, which will clear your clogged drain in Federal Way safely. We provide extremely prompt drain cleaning in Federal Way.

  • We provide the most economical drain cleaning in Federal Way
  • Our motorized cable or “snake” is extremely effective in clearing clogged drains
  • In our drain cleaning efforts, your sewer line will not get damaged
  • We clear all types of clogged drains through our sewer cleaning service
You Don’t Have to Live with a Clogged Drain in Federal Way

You might experience the problem of a clogged drain for various reasons. It might be possible that something has fallen into the drain unintentionally and has clogged the drain. Your kid might have flushed his or her toy down the drain. But we often see a clogged drain due to its age and low maintenance. But we have remedies for all clogged drains.


  • Our workers for sewer cleaning services are extremely customer friendly
  • We have the most advanced equipment and technical know-how for sewer cleaning
  • We clear your clogged drain in no time with our sewer cleaning services
Sewer Cleaning & Drain Line Replacement for Federal Way Property

Like human arteries, the sewer lines also get ruptured with time. They get decayed, and sewer cleaning is often required. We have the ability to cover all the sewer lines of houses, offices and the main city line of Federal Way. In the case of plaque build-up, we recommend you replace a portion of your sewer line instead of going for repairing and sewer cleaning repeatedly.


For all types of sewer cleaning and sewer line replacement services in Federal Way, contact us!

  • Apart from sewer cleaning, we can install and replace your sewer line
  • We use PVC materials for sewer line installation and replacement
  • Our sewer line replacement services are extremely cost effective
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