Frozen Pipes Issaquah


Extreme cold conditions create a plumbing problem that many property owners encounter in the winter season – frozen pipes. Water stops flowing out of the faucet when it turns to ice within the pipe. The expanding ice in frozen pipes creates excessive pressure and can cause the pipe to burst.

The pipes that freeze are usually the ones that are outdoors and not correctly winterized. Sometimes, frozen pipes in Issaquah, WA area properties are found in the attic and basement as well. It is dangerous if property owners try to unfreeze pipes on their own using hair dryers, space heaters, or blow torches.

Stay safe and call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing if you encounter frozen pipes in your home or business place. Our trained plumbers have vast experience in dealing with such situations and can be trusted to unfreeze pipe in your Issaquah property:

  • Safely
  • In the shortest time possible
  • With minimal hassle to you
  • Without any damage to your property

Frozen Drain Pipe Issaquah


Though it is mostly water pipes that freeze, do not be surprised if you have a frozen drain pipe. A slow-moving drainpipe tends to hold water. This can freeze as the outside temperatures fall. However, you are likely to have a frozen drain pipe in your Issaquah area property only when it is not installed deep enough in the ground or else goes through a non-insulated area like an unheated crawl space or garage.

No matter why you get a frozen drain pipe, the only way out of the problem is bringing in our experts to unfreeze pipes.

Here are some symptoms indicating that it is time to call us to look at the frozen drain pipe in your home or business place:

  • Foul smell starts coming up from the drains
  • The drainage system stops working
  • Toilet fails to flush

Unfreeze Pipes Issaquah


The sooner the problem of frozen pipes is detected and treated, the lesser the plumbing damage will be. Therefore, you should not only watch out for signs of a frozen drain pipe or water pipe on your property but also lose no time in calling us when you suspect such is the case.

After calling us to unfreeze pipes in your Issaquah area home or commercial building, you can sit back and relax. Have faith that we will:

  • Send seasoned crew to unfreeze pipes
  • Use proved, safe pipe thawing techniques
  • Strive to protect your frozen pipes from damage

Need reliable professionals to unfreeze pipes in your Issaquah area property? Call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (425) 988-5305.

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