Utility Locator Kirkland


If your sewer line needs repair or replacement, it is essential first to locate the lines as they may be buried deep in the ground. You will have to take the help of a specialized underground utility locator company that helps you avoid digging and even the impending damage to the utility lines.

Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is a reputable utility locator company offering services in the Kirkland, WA area. Using state-of-the-art technology, we provide our locator services without tearing up your landscape or sidewalk. Working with our underground utility locator services will help you get the job done:

  • Quickly
  • Accurately
  • Inexpensively

Trust our trained and experienced plumber technicians for the underground utility locator services which will enable you to avoid any digging mistakes. After using our sewer locator services, the sewer of your home is easily found and the required repairs are done efficiently.

Sewer Locator Kirkland


Expert sewer locator services conducted using the latest state-of-the-art equipment enable you to pinpoint the exact location of the sewer line. This is very helpful as you avoid any unnecessary digging and additional costs.

As a reputable and experienced plumbing company, we have been offering sewer locator services around Kirkland for a long time now. Trust us for our sewer locator services as we put into use the best of the following:

  • Techniques
  • Equipment
  • Workforce

You can rely on us not just for the sewer locator services in the Kirkland area but also for the repair or replacement of the sewer pipes if required. This way, you save time and energy by getting both services under the same roof.

Underground Utility Locator Kirkland


There could be different reasons for underground utility locator services, but the idea is to find the utility lines so that no one damages them during the excavation or digging process. You need to find a professional and experienced underground utility locator service so that you receive top-class services done with precision.

Contact us for underground utility locator services in the Kirkland area. Our client list includes engineers and surveyors, general and subcontractors, plumbers and electricians and homeowners. We provide our utility and sewer locator services using the following techniques:

  • Electromagnetic locator
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • GPS enabled technology

Go ahead with your project development with the assurance that our locator services are precise and accurate.

Feel free to call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing at (425) 988-5305 when you require utility or sewer locator services in the Kirkland area.

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