Frozen Pipes Lake Stevens


The winter season brings, along with several inconveniences, a unique set of plumbing problems, including that of frozen pipes. In Lake Stevens, WA, area property owners who fail to insulate their water and drainpipes properly are likely to encounter hassles from frozen pipes as the outside temperature plummets well below the freezing point.

A significant cause of concern is that a frozen drainpipe or water pipe does not just hamper the proper use of the plumbing system. If not thawed in time, the pipe eventually ruptures due to excessive pressure from the expanding ice inside it. At Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing, we advise that home and business call us to unfreeze pipes without any delay.

The tell-tale signs of frozen pipes in Lake Stevens properties include:

  • Visible frost on exposed pipes
  • Bulging pipes
  • No water supply
  • Backing up sewage or foul odors
  • Damp drywall

We respond fast and immediately schedule a visit by our technicians to your place for thawing frozen pipes.

Frozen Drainpipe Lake Stevens


The pipes that usually freeze during winters are those passing through unheated garage, attic or crawl space and the ones feeding the sprinkler system, swimming pool and hose bib. However, we are also sometimes called to deal with frozen drainpipe inside a Lake Stevens property.

Installation of pipe at a shallow depth and pipe install without insulation are the two major causes of a frozen drainpipe. The result is the same in both situations – backing up drains and toilets; escape of sewer gas through drains. Thus, a frozen drainpipe makes the property:

  • Unhygienic
  • Difficult and unsafe to occupy
  • Viable to environmental violations

Obviously, you have no time to lose if your property has a frozen drainpipe. Call us promptly. We keep our technicians available round-the-clock to unfreeze pipes.

Unfreeze Pipes Lake Stevens


Thawing frozen pipes is a job for a suitably trained and equipped technician. However, not all property owners realize this and think nothing of making crude and amateur attempts to unfreeze pipes. The commonly used techniques are the use of hairdryers, hot towels, blowtorches, and boiling water.

Do not try to unfreeze pipes in your Lake Stevens area property in this hazardous manner. Call us instead and let our trained professionals thaw frozen pipes:

  • With no property damage
  • Without any personal injury
  • Keeping the plumbing system intact

Call now for safe solutions to unfreeze pipes in your home or commercial building. Rely on Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing to unfreeze pipes in your Lake Stevens area property. Reach us at (425) 429-7888.

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