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As one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in a home or commercial building, a toilet is also the most neglected one. Property owners hardly give any thought to a toilet until something goes wrong.

A broken or clogged toilet in your Port Port-Orchard, WA area property creates trouble for your household or business. You need to have the necessary repairs done immediately by skilled, seasoned plumbers.

Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is a trusted name for toilet repair services in this region. We take toilet problems seriously and strive to provide the best repair services possible. We advise everyone to watch for early signs of trouble and call us for toilet repair in their Port Port-Orchard building while the issue is still small. Some of these tell-tale symptoms of growing problems include:

  • Water seeping out near the base
  • Tank not filling up after a flush
  • Excessive time for the tank to fill
  • Frequent clogs or cracks or damage

Clogged Toilet Port Port-Orchard


Many of the bathroom plumbing jobs that come our way involve our plumbers dealing with a clogged toilet. Though the fixture is designed to dispose a lot of human waste daily, there are several reasons why clogs can develop and prevent the system from working.

Some common causes of a clogged toilet in your Port Port-Orchard area property are:

  • Flushing down unsuitable things
  • Ineffective flapper
  • Jammed trap or blocked plumbing vent
  • Clogging of main sewer line

Luckily, our technicians know a lot about clogged toilet repair and can get rid of stubborn clogs in no time. Let us be your first call for help when you end up with a clogged toilet in your home or business.

Toilet Repair Port Port-Orchard


People take their toilets for granted, not appreciating how important it is to use the fixtures sensibly and keep them in good condition. We want you to be more aware and responsible.

Proper use and maintenance will go a long way in minimizing your need for costly toilet repair in your Port Port-Orchard area property. Still, a problem can crop up from time to time. That is when you should call us for the necessary toilet repair services.

We deliver them to you:

  • Without any delay
  • With a lasting solution
  • At a fair price

Hire Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing for timely, effective, friendly, reliable, and affordable toilet repair services. Port Port-Orchard area residents can contact us at (360) 997-7097.

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