Hose Spigots Seattle

Outdoor Faucet Seattle

Outdoor hose spigots are a great addition to your home as you can directly for washing your car, watering the lawn and other outdoor work. However, like other plumbing fixtures they are prone to wear and tear.

From time to time, you will need professionals to inspect and repair the outside faucet. It is a more complicated task than most people realize.

Count on 2 Sons Plumbing for the installation and repair of an outdoor faucet in your Seattle, WA home. As reliable and reputed plumbers, we are used to working with all types of faucets, indoor or outdoor.

We understand that while indoor faucets usually get worn out due to overuse, the outdoor faucets become non-functional or problematic due to infrequent use.

Rely on us for repairing the outdoor faucet that may any of the following problems:

  • Gaskets
  • Washers
  • Corroded pipes

We will check the plumbing line to check your water source. If the problem is not the outdoor faucet but the pipeline, we will provide piping plumbing services to restore the water supply to the hose spigot.

Hose Spigot Seattle

The most common problem with a hose spigot is that the handle gets jammed and stops working. This is common with hose spigots that are not used very often. Instead of repeatedly and forcibly trying to turn the handle, it is better to call in an experienced plumbing team.

Count on us to repair the hose spigot in your Seattle home. Being an established plumbing service, we know that the hose spigot usually requires repair in the following cases:

  • It is leading
  • The handle is jammed
  • There is scaling or sediment in the faucet

All of these problems require expert help to repair the hose spigot. If the outdoor faucet is too old and there are chances of it getting damaged in the process of repair, we will suggest a replacement. Newer outside faucet models are better, cheaper and more durable.

Outside Faucet Seattle

Repairing or installing the outside faucet seems to be an easy task and you might be tempted to try a DIY approach. However, without the right tools and knowing exactly what is causing the problem, it is better to call in professionals for outside faucet repair in Seattle.

Rely on us for outside faucet repair in Seattle as we are:

  • Experienced and established
  • Honest and reliable
  • Committed and professional

Call 2 Sons Plumbing at (206) 316-8583 for outdoor faucet repair and installation services in Seattle.