Established in 1980, our plumbing company has constructed bathrooms in many basement remodel projects in Bothell. We can handle any plumbing work that the bathroom addition in your basement may involve. This includes:

  • Helping pick the right location for bathroom
  • Installing water pipes, sewer pipes and backwater valve
  • Putting up bathroom fixtures and faucets

Call us today to discuss your project for basement remodel in your Bothell property.



Installing a basement bathroom in a Bothell property is can be quite complex, and putting in a basement bathroom can be much more challenging than installing one on the upper floor. The unique basement plumbing problems result usually because of:

  • Drainage issues, with lack of gravity
  • Heating, waterproofing and ventilation concerns
  • Cutting through concrete floors

You can forget all these worries once you hire us to install that basement bathroom in your Bothell property. Our certified technicians can get all the required basement bathroom plumbing work done without a hitch.



Choose us to make the bathroom addition and sit back and relax, knowing that the job will be done perfectly, without the slightest oversight. Our family-owned company has vast experience in carrying out successful bathroom additions in the basements of Bothell properties, and assures you of a bathroom that is:

  • Just the way you had envisioned
  • Fully functional
  • Built in compliance with the local ordinances

While making the bathroom addition in your Bothell basement, our technicians keep you in the loop every step of the way and do any work only after getting your approval.

Need to get a bathroom installed to complete your basement remodel project in Bothell? Call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing!

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