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Sewer lines are underground, which is why you need a professional utility locator to identify where they are. If you are looking for a professional sewer locator team in the Alderwood, WA area, then you can get in touch with us at Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing. We will help you with any underground utility locator services you may need.

The job of an underground utility locator is quite complicated since it involves using heavy machinery. Therefore, we make sure to provide you with only the best sewer locators so that they can help you identify the drainage line without damaging the area. This has made us the best team for underground utility locator services.

Here is why you should hire us for your utility locator needs in Alderwood:

  • Affordable services
  • Immediate assistance
  • Use quality equipment

Sewer Locator Alderwood


All our sewer locators have to go through rigorous training to make them capable of handling your job successfully. Apart from this, our underground utility locator team also has many years of experience, which has made them a master of their craft.

The other thing that makes our team of utility locators the best is they use all the latest sewer locator tools and technologies to help you with your job. So, the next time you come across a need for underground utility locator get in touch with us.

Our team of sewer locators available around Alderwood is the best because:

  • They are experienced
  • Factory-trained
  • Skillful

Underground Utility Locator Alderwood


You may feel that once a drainage system is in place, it will not require any repair and maintenance. However, this is far from being accurate, which is why you should keep information about our professional underground utility locator team handy. It will help you with your sewer locator needs and make it hassle-free.

Apart from this, there are many reasons why one may require underground utility locator services. One of them is to check the conditions of your sewer system with the help of our qualified sewer locator.

Below is a list of reasons why you may need to hire our underground utility locator team in the Alderwood area:

  • To detect sewer lines without damage
  • During remodeling projects
  • To save yourself from underground leakage

If you want to know more about our underground utility locator plumbers in the Alderwood area, then get in touch with us at Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing by calling (425) 429-7888.

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