Bothell Sewer Camera Inspection


Your search for experienced, well-equipped, and reliable professionals for conducting sewer camera inspection on your Bothell, WA property has brought you to the right place!

Founded in 1995, Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing is the #1 choice of the discerning property owners here for sewer inspections. Bothell sewer camera inspection is the most advanced and effective technique for obtaining a real-time, ongoing view of inside the pipe.

For the Bothell sewer camera inspection, a waterproof video camera mounted on a strong, flexible rod is inserted into the concerned drainpipe. Plumbers watch its visuals on a monitor in the yard.

We work on your Bothell sewer camera inspection job with top-of-the-line equipment and trained technicians. Trust us for quick and accurate results from the following:

  • Sewer video inspection
  • Sewer scope inspection
  • Pipe camera inspection
  • Video sewer inspection

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Bothell Sewer Inspections


We have the resources and skills for completing Bothell sewer inspections to fulfill all kinds of needs. Our sewer inspection company can be signed up for checking out conditions inside both residential and commercial sewers. Moreover, we can carry out Bothell sewer inspections of the main lines as well as side sewers.

There are several reasons for property owners to hire us for Bothell sewer inspections. We usually conduct sewer camera inspection for these reasons:

  • Detect sewer leakage
  • Find cause of clogged sewer
  • Confirm broken sewer pipe
  • Assess sewer system health

Make us your first call for Bothell sewer inspections to help close real estate transactions and to help resolve drainage problems.

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Bothell Sewer Inspection Company


There are several things that set one Bothell sewer inspection company apart from the other. Complete customer satisfaction is something that all contractors promise to deliver or claim to achieve. The sad fact is you cannot rely on every Bothell sewer inspection company out there to live up to your expectations.

Do not take chances anywhere else! Get in touch with our Bothell sewer inspection company for assured services that surpass the industry standards and leave you happy with the job done. With our Bothell sewer inspection company, you can also be sure of paying a fair price.

Stop checking out other sewer contractors and contact the experts at our company right away:

  • Sewer line inspection company
  • Drain inspection company
  • Sewer inspection services provider
  • Sewer pipe inspection company

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