Drain Cleaning Services for Kent Home & Business Drains

In the Kent, WA area, you will find one of the best drains cleaning services providers, Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing, operating since 1980. We offer the most economical drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services in Kent. Our team has great experience and awesome expertise in clearing clogged drain through our services of drain cleaning.


You will find in numerous drain cleaning products, which will promise to clear your clogged drains in Kent, but most of them exasperate the issues instead of solving them. These products may cause harm to your sewer line. So it is always recommended to hire our drain cleaning Kent area services without any hesitation. We have the expertise to clear all clogged drains with great precision.

  • Our team for drain cleaning has great experience
  • We are well equipped with modern day techniques of drain cleaning and sewer cleaning
  • Our drain cleaning is effective with the help of a motorized cable
You Don’t Have to Live with a Clogged Drain in Kent

It might be possible that you have a clogged drain through the pipe’s age. Otherwise you might also experience the issue of a clogged drain if something gets dropped into the drain intentionally or unintentionally. Yucky water due to a clogged drain can be a real nightmare for both home owners and business owners. But if you hire our drain cleaning or sewer cleaning services, then stay relaxed; you are in safe hands.


  • Clogged drain will be cleared most promptly
  • Our team members have great expertise for clearing a clogged drain
  • For a clogged drain, you just need to call our experts
Sewer Cleaning & Drain Line Replacement for Kent Property

In Kent, the issue of clogged drains can happen with any person. At times, we see that a clogged drain has happened due to sewer line faults. Sewer cleaning in such scenarios needs to be coupled with drain pipe replacement. The drain pipes are just similar to arteries of the human body. The pipes get ruptured with increased age.


In such scenarios, sewer cleaning should be performed along with the replacement of a portion of the sewer line pipe. We cover sewer lines of all types. In order to get all types of help pertaining to sewer cleaning in Kent, call Joe’s 2 Sons Plumbing!

  • For sewer cleaning, always maintain the sewer pipelines properly
  • We install and do sewer cleaning in Kent
  • We do not believe in repairing pipelines as it increases overall sewer cleaning costs
  • We always use PVC materials while installing new sewer lines
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